Friday, October 21, 2011

That old feelin'

Holy Cow I had butterflies tonight!!  Remember those from the early dating stage? The legit butterflies fluttering in the tummy feeling? Yeah who would of guessed that seeing your husband at work would bring them all back!

Got all dolled up and went with a friend to VI, where we requested the handsome server! :)
Ha I can't help but laugh and smile I love being married to Colby! Throughout the night we kept making eye contact and exchanged quick smiles. Oh and he was a very good server too! He was just so cute, he kept filling up our drinks, he acted very professional and even surprised us with some yummy pie! And of course I left a note on the napkin. That was probably the best part, I had my friend keep watch as I scribled down my phone number and a compliment.

I am really giddy over my husband of 4 months! So So So HAPPY we are married!
I love ya Colbs!

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